We promote healthy watersheds by facilitating collaborative projects between young professionals and disadvantaged communities around the world.


Our Mission

International Watershed Partners (IWP) is an environmental non-profit based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Founded in 2012, IWP facilitates on the ground projects for disadvantaged communities to solve environmental problems related to their water resources. IWP does this by connecting local stakeholders with graduate students and young professionals who are working on environmental and water resource issues. IWP projects provide opportunities for young professionals to apply their theoretical knowledge, research, and experiences on real world problems. They work intimately with local stakeholders to meet the goals of the community while providing scientifically based solutions. These collaborative efforts aim to find implementable solutions, locally tailored to communities all over the world.

What We've Achieved IN 4 YEARS

  • Raised awareness and helped reach legal protection for the streams of Quito, Ecuador.
  • Collaborated in a restoration project of the River Cauto, Cuba.
  • Raised funds to bring several young environmental professionals to Ecuador, to do field work and propose best management practices to local stakeholders.
  • Started developing participatory flood mitigation strategies for informal settlements on the tropical coast of Ecuador and Colombia.
  • Promoting agroforestation as a tool for community involvement in restoring streams.